Business Model

We partner with experts in specific industries who finance and manage stand-alone Independent Business Entities powered by RT7 Technology Assets.

Here's How It Works.

Identify industry specific problems.

Create the turnkey solutions from the suite of Technology Assets.

Assign exclusive rights to the solution to the new Business Entity.

The New Business Entity must obtain funding to staff and operate for a minimum of 12 months or to meet it’s primary objective. The primary objective of the New Business Entity is to realize a liquidity event/sale within 24 months.

In exchange for the assignment of exclusive rights RT7 receives:
– At least 25% equity position in the new entity.
– At least 8% royalties.

In addition RT7 can provide billable services that include:
– Hosting and Data Base Services
– Technical Support and Production Services
– End User Support

Have an idea for a new business entity?