About Us

Across the past 2 decades of RT7’s operations led by CEO Tony Comparelli, RT7 has developed a suite of software solutions and intellectual property assets that are designed and deployed to function as robust foundations for our clients’ operating platforms.

Thanks to this significant, ongoing internal investment philosophy, RT7’s off-the-shelf solutions are re-engineered on a case-by-case basis and then released as swiftly as possible to launch our clients’ new business offerings.

RT7’s Golden Rule is to always minimize dependencies on third party software solution providers. We believe in the importance of in-house development teams that share RT7’s business culture. When appropriate, we even store and maintain hardware assets internally as well. This strategy allows clients to take advantage of expedited market deployment timetables best fitting each commercial opportunity.

RT7’s comprehensive solutions routinely become fully integrated core assets driving the profitability of our clients’ businesses.