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SOLO POS The choice of Franchise Operators

Franchise Management Components Built In

Whether you are looking to expand or take control of your franchise network, SOLO POS is the solution built for you. Most franchisors find it difficult to implement a network wide solution that allows them to receive timely sales reports, control pricing, generate royalty reports etc. Due primarily to the lack of appropriate Franchise Headquarter Management Software and the investment required by each franchise location for the POS hardware and software.

SOLO POS solves both problems for the Franchisor.

1. The SOLO POS Retail Management System contains franchise specific Group, Territory and Store management functions built in, price and menu control and management, Centralized Inventory Control, Franchise Sales Reporting, Royalty Reporting and Reconciliation, Gift, Reward and Voucher Management, and much more.

2. Provided the franchisees subscribe to the SOLO POS Merchant Processing Plan and provides Internet access to the counter top, the franchisor/franchisees will pay $0 upfront for the SOLO POS Bundle.

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