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Point of Sale in the ‘CLOUD’

Access all of your retail information 24/7 from any Internet Device.

Cloud computing is changing how most companies do business and store their data. The term “cloud” basically means a grid of computers serving as a service oriented architecture to deliver software and data. Its structures like this that power sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon. Most websites or server based applications run on particular computers or servers. Cloud technology utilizes the resources from a grid of computers to perform as a single collective virtual super computer. The result is an extremely resilient, reliable, scalable platform in which to store and process a virtually limitless amount of data.

Cloud computing, as it pertains to SOLO POS, provides a completely scalable, secure, and remotely accessible single platform in which to store and process your retail data. By processing information in this way, SOLO POS has several advantages over traditional types of POS systems:

1. Retailers no longer have to worry about computer crashes destroying their transaction, customer, product, and inventory data.

2. Additional stores can be set-up in minutes without the huge time, effort, and costs associated with traditional systems.

3. Retailers of all sizes from 1 to over 1,000 locations can share “real-time” data.

4. Access and integration to other Cloud based retail management services including marketing, loyalty, inventory, accounting, etc. is quick and easy.

5. Log in remotely from any computer connected to internet to view “real data” on every aspect of your retail operation.

Because all processing and data storage takes place “real time,” there are no hassles with nightly backups data transfers or program updates.