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Point of Sale is our Passion

Point of Sale is all we do and all we have been doing for
more than a quarter century.

trs80iiIn the spring of 1983, RT7 Incorporated’s founder Tony Comparelli designed, developed, programmed, and installed one of the world’s first PC based Point of Sale Systems. It was a simple program that allowed the retailer to enter their daily cash receipts and generate simple inventory sold reports in a batch at the end of day. It ran on a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model II Computer utilizing the CP/M Operating System. After installing the system in about 60 stores in the Toronto area, Tony decided to take the business from his parent’s basement into a small office and incorporated his first company. By the fall of 1984, his POS application had evolved into an actual counter top transaction processing system complete with perpetual inventory. It operated on the DOS based IBM PC Model 5150 and included a cash drawer. Between 1984 and 1990 the company sold more than 20,000 of it’s PC based POS units in 7 countries. In 1990 the product continued to evolve into a complete retail management solution with full inventory control, back office reporting, accounting, and payment processing. In 1991 The Retail Council of Canada selected the system as the platform for its retail automation strategy and American Express licensed the platform for its ‘At Your Service’ Retail Benefits Program. These relationships furthered the expansion of the user base to over 50,000 Counter Tops. In 1996 the company had grown to more than 200 employees and was eventually purchased by a leading hardware and software manufacturer.

ibm-pc-5150In 2002, Tony Comparelli decided it was time to realize his vision of the connected retail enterprise and started RT7 Incorporated and the development of V1-POS. The connected retail enterprise is a retail management system that could be accessed and utilized by retailers of all sizes from any device connected to the Internet. In other words POS in the ‘CLOUD’. 11 years ago this was an almost inconceivable vision. Retailing is referred to as a Mission Critical application; it must work all of the time and it must work even if the Internet is not available! It took several years of development before a commercial test of V1-POS could occur and in August 2004, the first V1-POS hosted Point of Sale Systems in the ‘CLOUD’ were installed in a chain of 70 locations. Several more years of development and refinement had to occur in order to perfect the hosted POS application. Not until 2007 was V1-POS ready for commercial use and between 2007 and 2010 over 2,000 stores processed millions of transactions on the V1-POS Platform.

Over 25 years of experience, knowledge, feedback, input, countless hours of actual use, and hundreds of millions of transactions processed in the field has provided the foundation for our new product V2-POS-The next generation of the hosted POS System. A well thought out, tested and proven application for your retail business.