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Experience is Key

SOLO POS is the second generation of RT7’s Cloud Based Point of Sale System. Version 1.0 was released in May 2004 and was one of the world’s first complete Point of Sale Systems available in the Cloud.

Hundreds of retailers managed their day to day retail operations, generated reports, controlled inventory, and processed millions of transactions on the V1 Platform. SOLO POS is RT7’s next generation of Point of Sale in the Cloud.

Over the years retail users of V1 were key to the development of our next generation SOLO POS. They provided feedback, ideas, retail use scenarios, data and other important information that we combined with emerging technical ideas and concepts to create something special. A Cloud based POS system that actually works!

What every retailer should know is that nothing can replace the experience and knowledge that is created by actual users over many years and When it comes to mission critical applications like POS you can’t afford down time. Don’t let your store become a test site!

Knowledge + Experience = SOLO POS